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February 2025

New England's Largest Game Convention

Best Western Royal Plaza
Marlborough, MA


The continued support of dedicated people makes this convention a reality instead of another gamers' dream. Volunteer work includes security details, errand running, assisting attendees in the gaming areas, helping in registration, and more. By donating your talent, time and expertise, you help ensure that the Total Confusion experience is of the highest quality while learning more about the convention and developing new friendships.Usually all that is required is dedication, trust, creativity, and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in hosting events as a game master, please go to Game Master Information page for more details.


If you are interested in being an on-site volunteer, please register for the convention on TableTop Events ( Once you have a badge, go to the ticket selections. Please select the volunteer ticket for the time slot you want to help. Time slots are 2 hours per slot. Once onsite, please go to the registration area for the time designated on your volunteer ticket to receive your assignment. If you have any questions, please email the Volunteer Coordinator, Aaron Beeson at

Volunteer Rewards

Total Confusion understands that volunteering is not as much fun as judging or game mastering a game, so we have added an additional incentive. In addition to reimbursement, volunteers are given additional perks in the form of a T-Coin. This is a special reward only volunteers are given. They can be used for a variety of options at the show. They can be used like prize tickets but can be used for other items that only Volunteers can get. For example, coupons for free lunches, special dice, and other Volunteer exclusive merchandise. Unlike prize tickets, T-coins may be carried over from one year to another. They are redeemed in the prize room.

Volunteer that help Total Confusion on site during the convention will be reimbursed based on the following sliding scale:

  • 4 hours…1-day reimbursement towards the show plus 1 T-Coin
  • 8 hours…2 days reimbursement towards the show plus 2 T-Coin
  • 12 hours…weekend badge plus 3 T-Coin
  • 16 hours…weekend badge plus 4 T-Coin
  • 20 hours…weekend badge & T-shirt plus 5 T-Coin
  • 24 hours…weekend badge & T-shirt plus 6 T-Coin
  • 28 hours…weekend badge & T-shirt plus 7 T-Coin
  • 32 hours…weekend badge & T-shirt plus 8 T-Coin

See the List of T-Coin exclusive merchandise

Reimbursement will be made within 30 days of the end of the convention. If you need reimbursement paid onsite, please contact Ben Gerber at

Associate Staff

Associates are volunteers who have been promoted from the general volunteer pool. They have a committed schedule and are assigned to a designated area during the convention. Many Associates have become Senior Staff members of Total Confusion.

The Associate program differs from the standard volunteer program because Associates generally spend at least 32 hours working at the convention, in addition to having important duties assigned to them (both pre-convention duties and on-site duties).

For more information contact Steve Parenteau at

As with any volunteer at Total Confusion, we appreciate the help of these highly dedicated people and offer associates these benefits:

  1. Full Convention Registration
  2. Free Convention t-shir
  3. Meals in the convention green room
  4. Hotel accommodations to be shared with at least one other associate or senior staff personnel