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February 2025

New England's Largest Game Convention

Best Western Royal Plaza
Marlborough, MA

Miniatures Games

Miniature gaming is a form of gaming which incorporates miniature figures, armor, ships, mecha, and modeled terrain as the main components of play. Like other types of games, they can be generally considered to be a type of simulation game, generally about tactical combat, as opposed to computer and board wargames which have greater variety in scale.

Total Confusion has a diverse miniature department that hosts events covering wargaming, fantasy & science fiction miniatures games. If you would like to connect with local miniature groups, face challenges from new opponents, or defeat old foes in epic battles...stop by the miniatures room and take a look at the games being played. New players are always welcome to watch observe and if there’s room drop in and play.


Some of the annual favorite events in the miniature area are:

  1. TC Circvs Maximvs (circvs maximus on lego scale)
  2. Classic BattleTech Tournament
  3. NE Championship Car Wars

Other favorite past events have been: Axis and Allies War at Sea, Battletech, Formula De, Dog Fights, Car Wars, Necromunda, Ogre, Space Hulk, Battleground Fantasy Warfare, Axis and Allies miniatures and much more! The selections change over the years but the quality of events is always high!

Painting Contest

You are also invited to bring your favorite miniatures to enter into our painting contest or create new works of art during one of our paint and take sessions. Each year Total Confusion supplies miniatures and paints for people to stop in when they have some down time and paint something they find interesting.

Special Events & Seminars

Total Confusion has also hosted special events like terrain building seminars to make your miniature gaming experience complete. So come try something new this year! We are always in need of groups, stores, and GMs willing to bring in great terrain and offer events and tournaments to miniature fans at Total Confusion. It is a great way to help promote your group while keeping the hobby strong. If you are interested, please email the events director Steven Parenteau.

Details about being a GM and creating events are available by clicking on the "Host" menu item.