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February 2025

New England's Largest Game Convention

Best Western Royal Plaza
Marlborough, MA

Welcome to Total Confusion

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Badge Sales will open in the Fall.

Step 3: Event Registration

Event Ticketing Closed.

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is closed.


The vendors have packed their trucks, tables have been stacked away and the carpet has been vacuumed. Another great year at the Best Western has been had by all.

The staff of Total Confusion wants to thank everyone for making it another amazing show! Each year the convention has grown since the pandemic year, more attendees, more vendors, more games.

Planning has already begun and a posting will be up in the next few weeks asking about a theme for 2025. So keep on eye on the Facebook page if you are interested in helping to shape next years convention or looking for updates as the next season progresses.

Again we want to thank you all for coming and hope to see you all at the gaming tables.

Tournament, Raffle and Award Winners

Watch for updates! Here are the reported champions so far:

  • Chairman of the Board: Stephen Costa (overall board game tournament player)
  • 18XX Short: Stephen Costa
  • 7 Wonders: Kenneth Hamilton
  • Azul: Stephen Costa
  • Camel Up: Kara Morse
  • Concordia: Frank Dinoff
  • Empire Builder: Roger Jarrett
  • Kingdomino: Nick Takaki
  • Lords of Waterdeep: Nick Takaki
  • Power Grid: Nick Takaki
  • Saint Petersburg: Stephen Costa
  • Splendor: Andrew Menard
  • Terraforming Mars: Nathan Ramsay
  • Ticket to Ride: Scotty Jarrett
  • Wingspan: Shelly Thomas
  • Catan National Qualifier: Gregory Berkman
  • Battletech - Michael Ciaravella
  • Car Wars - Kevin Beauregard

Miniature Painting Contest Winners:

  • Under 16: McKeara Boyajian
  • Machine: Peter Shah
  • Diorama: Mark Morin
  • Single, small: Dan Granquist
  • Single, large: Eric Ren
  • Unit: David Jachimonicz
  • Best of Show: Eric Ren

Raffle Winners:

  • Light Saber: Steve Horn
  • Laser engraved Middle Earth cutting board: Colleen Godsell
  • Ravenwood Dice Vault: Bob Wicks
  • Original sketches from Diesel: Bob Yates
  • Painted TC mini: BJ Griffin

Staff Awards:

  • Best Toady: Kagan Sherson
  • Puppy Masher: Francis Boyd

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